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Sneha is currently in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Design degree, focusing on Visual Communication Design. Sneha admires well-represented women in positions of empowerment and is passionate about creating a collective good that benefits all women. She believes that women's empowerment should be intersectional, including women of any race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and ability, and should be considerate and involve their specific needs. 


Sneha is returning to the NEW executive team after serving the role of VP Design for the 2023 conference. She thoroughly enjoyed being able to help create a meaningful conference and saw first-hand the positive outcomes last year’s conference produced. For her second year, she is extremely excited to be able to use her creative passions to help design and curate this year's conference to be even better than the last. In her free time, Sneha enjoys reading and working on personal projects. 

Sneha Pooranalingam


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