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How do I apply?

Unfortunately, 2024 Delegate Applications are now closed.

How are delegates selected to attend the Conference?

Once applications close, all demographic information is removed and the short answer is graded blindly based on a rubric. One hundred delegates will then be chosen to attend the conference based on their responses to the short answer questions alone.

What do you look for when choosing delegates?

When selecting delegates to attend the conference we use a rubric that is based on the following categories: 

  • Personal and/or Career Experience

  • Interest in NEW/knowledge of the conference

  • Authenticity/character

  • Effort & Enthusiasm

How competitive are delegate applications?

On average, we receive over double the applications as compared to the spots we have available. Each year, the number of applications grows and becomes increasingly competitive. To ensure you are selected to attend the conference, start on your application early, have someone look it over, and get personal with it! We would love to hear your story, so make you showcase your amazing personality!

How much does it cost to attend the conference?

The cost is $550* per delegate. Delegate fees include all food and accommodation expenses at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and round trip coach transportation from Edmonton to Lake Louise and back.
*Approximate cost, price subject to change

Is the conference only for female delegates?

No, we encourage male applicants to apply to attend our conference as well. NEW is founded on the principles of awareness, connections, inspiration, and ultimately empowerment, with the aim to not only empower females to pursue any future path they choose, but to empower all individuals, regardless of gender, to support this pursuit. All individuals can take the lessons learned and connections made at the Conference and apply them to both their personal and professional lives.

Am I required to be a University of Alberta student in order to apply for the Conference?

No, NEW prides itself on being a national conference and welcomes undergraduate students from any post-secondary institution in Canada. Delegates have joined us from MacEwan University, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Ryerson University, Simon Fraser University, University of Western Ontario, and more.



Do you have to be an undergraduate student to apply for the Conference?

Yes, NEW is only open to undergraduate students from any post-secondary institution across Canada.

Do you have to be a Business student to apply for the Conference?

No. Although NEW is a business faculty based student group, we highly encourage undergraduate students from any faculty/discipline to apply!

If I am waitlisted, when will I find out if I get a spot?

An email will be sent to the next applicant on the waitlist when a spot becomes available. Initial offers must be accepted and paid for by November 23rd, so the latest time a waitlisted applicant would be offered a spot to attend would be shortly thereafter.

What if I don’t know anyone attending the Conference?

Over the four-day conference, there will be numerous opportunities to meet fellow delegates, corporate representatives, and speakers. From the interactive breakout sessions, to our themed hospitality suites, to the daily meals, you will be meeting and interacting with some remarkable individuals. One of the most valuable aspects of the Conference is the connections you will cultivate during the four days that will carry on even after the Conference comes to an end.

What if I can’t find anything to wear to the theme nights?

Dressing to theme at our theme nights is completely optional. If you are unable to find an outfit, please do not stress trying to find one. That said, if you own an outfit that fits the theme, we would love to see you show up dressed to impress! If you are struggling to find apparel and would like to dress to theme, please email and we will respond with some suggestions on which retailers have outfits in line with the theme. In the welcome package that you will receive once admitted to the conference, there will also be a Style Guide to give you some inspiration on what to wear!

Still have questions? Reach out to us anytime at

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