Amplify Your Voice: Leave A Legacy

2021 Conference Theme

This theme is about using your voice to advocate for yourself and others to leave a lasting legacy for the generations to come.


What to Expect in 2021

For the first time ever, NEW's Annual Conference will be held virtually over the platform Remo. We invite delegates from all over Canada to participate and will be carefully choosing delegates through a diligent application process.

Tickets will cost $10 as this gives them access to three optional breakout sessions, three optional social events and 3 mandatory events (opening ceremonies, board basics workshop, and closing ceremonies), and a free gift bag that will be mailed to their address valued at over $50. 

What Delegates Can Expect

  • Access to meaningful and interactive workshops and panels 

  • Optional breakout sessions with varying companies and topics to choose from to personalize their NEW experience

  • Optional social events tailored to their interests including a yoga class, paint night,
    a makeup masterclass and more

  • Swag and gifts tailored to their choice of social events

  • Digitalized opportunities to learn and network with talented leading professionals from a wide range of industries

  • Digtalized opportunities to network and socialize with driven and like-minded students from across Canada

Want to Apply?

Applications to attend NEW 2022 are open!

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