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Network of Empowered Women Conference

11-14 March 2021  |  Online

The Network of Empowered Women 2021 Conference is a four-day annual national conference taking place online that brings together 100 student delegates from across Canada with inspiring leaders from a multitude of sectors in the Alberta and Canadian community.

Hear From Past Delegates...



2019 Delegate

Dietetics & Nutrition

University of Alberta

"There was an application for a volunteer position I almost ignored because I felt under qualified. How coincidental to embark on a trip focused on empowerment, having faith in yourself to dream and pursue bold dreams? Returning from this trip, I became confident to apply and go through interviews. I got the position! NEW is transformational and a small testimonial does not do it justice. It’s everything; being surrounded by delegates who are future pioneers and feeling like being apart of an Amazonian sisterhood. To the dream team of NEW executives that toil to produce an outstanding conference that influence 100+ lives. To witnessing and engaging with corporates who walked the path we’re in now with grace, tenacity, and authenticity.

I feel blessed to have this treasure of a memory - I’ll be applying next year!"

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2019 Delegate


University of Toronto

“The brilliance of the NEW Conference is that
the experience is truly your own. Beyond female empowerment, the four days were packed with thoughtful conversations discussing what it means
to be bold and pursue your dreams. Though the opportunity to connect with professional working women is extremely important in terms of career progression, what I didn’t expect was the value of meeting other delegates of various educational backgrounds from across Canada. It is incredibly empowering to be surrounded by so many
like-minded young men and women striving
towards a common goal.”



2019 Delegate

Accounting & Computer Science

University of Alberta

"What is the corporate world going to look like post #MeToo? What role should men play? What does it mean to be an ally? These are the sort of questions my generation has to wrestle with. This conference tackles these tough questions head on. Listening to the conversations I would not normally be privy to was an honour. The breadth of speakers was beyond inspiring. Our generation wants to usher in a new kind of leadership, one not based on stereotypical traits, but rather on empathy, emotional intelligence, and true courage. It was an absolute privilege to attend the Network of Empowered Women Conference that is laying the groundwork for this new form of leadership."


Keynote Presentations


Be inspired by industry leaders, innovators, influencers and change-makers.


Networking Events


Be empowered to take steps to support the advancement of women in leadership both now and into the future.

Social Events

Be excited and have fun with industry
leaders and fellow delegates
through nightly socials and the gala!

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